7.15 a.m. the splendour of dawn

06 October 2020

My hands open the closet, put themselves on the bag, take it... and I can smell the smell of the ocean that thickens the air and enters me. I follow him... The waves touch my feet, the glow of the sky becomes brilliant crossing the whole chromatic scale of yellows, blues, greens just mentioned. The colors pour into each other, enveloping the sea. It's dawn. The sunrise of the Seychelles, fixed on a photograph, and before that in my head, only to become alchemy on the surface of the hand-painted python. To always have with me the wonder of the day that begins, the scent, the powerful calm of those moments.

Then the day will come with its own setbacks, with its own pace. Yet that curtain of nature that opens, that magic, is like a code imprinted in the heart. The sensoriality that lights up, the warm wind on the face, the blissful solitude of those open spaces on the blue, on the dusty and golden fineness of the sand. To see the sun rise and see it fall back behind the horizon line, like a cycle that opens and closes the parenthesis of biorhythm, of breath, of life. The bag is called "7.15 a.m. the splendour of dawn".

Then, there's also time for love. When the colors are denser, they degrade from pink to dark red to make way for the abyss of deep blue. It is the time for romance, for meditation before saying goodbye to the day that is ending. An osmosis between us and nature, a spectacle that filters into our interior. The most beautiful thought is to be able to bring it into everyday life, with a bag. To go to dinner at a restaurant in the heart of a city with the sunset of the Seychelles spreading its invisible scent around. 5.45 p.m., the sunset. I would like that closet, guardian of the bag, of its colours, of its perfumes, to let eternal sensations go out with her, capable of reaching everywhere. Able to touch all the senses: the lapping of the waves, the warmth of the breeze, the deep emotion, the symbiosis with nature, the peace, the deep contact with oneself.