06 October 2020

Enemies? They don't exist. But how, you say? Of course there are! They just told me this and did this and... No! I repeat, there are no enemies! I see before me only the positive, I have no time and no energy to pay attention to the negative. Who is on the frequencies of those who want to hurt him, choose to sail that sea! We choose what to watch.

What to include and what to exclude from our field of vision! The more we get caught up in low energy and listen to them, the more we are at the mercy of the "enemies". For me they do not exist. I'm too busy thinking about the people I love, my projects, friends, hobbies, animals. If we are open to beautiful things, if we formulate thoughts of trust and focus on our goals, on the results we want to achieve, everything we want to pull down will not reach us. That is why enemies don't exist for us. Because fear, anger, envy, frustration are not vibrations we care about! We do not feel them! Evil travels low, good travels high. And up there evil does not come! So, the only solution is to rise to a level of energy and love so high as it will happen in a Supermario video game. You will be at world 9 and the enemies at world 1. They will keep going back and forth, but they will never reach you. I will tell you more. "Little", "a lot", "big", "small", do not exist for the universe. There is no limit! Limit is the human mind. Do we vibrate on abundance and love? People will come in line with that frequency. So, no "enemies" will come. Begin your journey to a better place...