Every woman is a bit of a witch

06 October 2020

Who's the "witch"? She who has power over the physical world and who uses arts defined as obscure but actually linked to sixth sense and intuition to read the world. She who "hears and sees" first. I made a fur coat with cat ears in homage to women, who are "witches". But not as they have always been told and misunderstood in fairy tales, where the witch is the incarnation of evil! The witch is the connection to the magic, which is in all things, just knowing how to see it. I remember when my grandmother used to cure me with herbs when I was little. I used to look at her spellbound, and she seemed to have very special powers. And when she gave me the fur when I was five, as is tradition in Eastern European countries, I perceived it as a breastplate, something capable of protecting me, like an amulet.

As the author of Women running with wolves says, women's intuition has claws that open every breastplate, eyes capable of seeing beyond every mask and ears to hear beyond chatter: it is with these tools that the woman assumes an acute and even precognitive animal awareness, which deepens her femininity and her ability to move with confidence in the world. After all, we women have the most developed right hemisphere of the brain. Which is then the part related to intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy, creativity, reactivity, acceptance and dedication. In addition, the alpha frequency (through which we attract positive things) and the state of inner calm are created in the right hemisphere. How can we be surprised if women show that once demonized faculty? (but I wouldn't say we are still out of it!). Think of the Amazons, of the Sirens, of how many myths have embodied the fear of the feminine who intuits, who sees far away, who foretells and is hardly limited by logic. It is much easier to quell the female instinct by harnessing it in a masculine, analytical world based on quantitative data rather than intuition. So, dear witches... let's take back our power!