Give us the female back!

06 October 2020

There is a beautiful Russian proverb that literally says "the man is the head, the woman is the neck. Where he turns, his head turns." opular sayings are fantastic, in a very simple way they tell the truth! But how, don't we have to be "even"?! We've fallen into a huge misunderstanding! In the sense that head and neck serve both, without one and without the other you can't stay... they just have different roles. And if the neck wanted to act like the head... we'd be in big trouble! A neck bump and that's it. Joking aside, I don't want to be on the same level as a boy. And of course I am not talking about rights and equal opportunities, I am referring to those joyfully different characteristics that (thank God) Mother Nature has given us! When a woman wants to be "equal", that is she behaves and tries to reason like him, she is treated accordingly. Instead I like to have a man next to me who protects me, who opens a door for me. Even that he's angry! Yes, I like that male warrior attitude, aimed at defending yourself, that atavistic male instinct, precisely. Second point: no more stupid competitions! What is this fear of not being up to it? Of having to prove? Even the saying "you're a woman with balls" is absurd to me. But what does "a woman with balls" mean?!? I am a woman! With all the wonderful characteristics of a woman: intuitive, sensual, female. And I'm proud of it. And I like having a male next to me who has different and complementary characteristics to mine! I want the female back and I want the male back. Elegant, without being smeared. Determined, strong, authoritative, protective. None of us want to be crushed, devalued, belittled. We all want to be loved. Just the way we are. With our differences.