How to find out what you really want! And make it happen...

23 June 2021

Have you ever got in deep of what you really want? Because I'll tell you one thing: your whole life depends on it. I'm not kidding. Until you know for sure, until you find out what you really want, your desire won't take shape. know it you have to find out WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT first. Because only then will you intercept your fears and their deep soul, in order to sweep them away. The universe has no limits. THE LIMITS ARE INSIDE YOU. If something doesn't happen it is because you are blocking it. Remove the block and that thing will come into your life. If you are afraid of being betrayed, the right person will not come. If you are afraid of money, it will never flow to you, you will be kept on survival. If you are unconsciously afraid of having children, they will not come even if you want them. Everything you are afraid of blocks your life. Now I will teach you a very effective way to get to the bottom of yourself. Take a piece of paper and write down 30 things that YOU DO NOT WANT. Very precise, detailed, for example "I don't want to drive around (because I prefer the driver). And you will see that already finding 30 will not be easy. Then, take another sheet and in a mirror-like way define what you want instead. Then, burn the fear sheet.

Ask and you will be given? Yes! But you must ask WITHOUT FEAR. And to eliminate fear you must understand what it takes root in, how it works inside you. Everything can be given to you, but you must not be afraid. You must believe. When you do the exercise of the two sheets of paper, your consciousness begins to open up. You are taking the first step towards your new life. And around it all begins to change, little by little, everything. Do you know what the wonder is? TO SEE HOW THE OUTSIDE CHANGES WHILE YOU CHANGE INSIDE. Because when you take the first step towards change, you are more determined. Your energy is saying "I do", not just your thoughts. And when you write what you want, it stares better inside you. Use the verb WANT. I don't want, I desire. No!!!! It must be wanting, peremptorily. It is not a sin to ask for what you want, you have a full right to it. It is not selfish, it is legitimate! Only when you know what you don't want and consequently what you want, can you follow your Soul. Before that, you will only follow your fears. And nothing you want deep down will come to pass. The energy on which you will set your life will be that of fear. Start now. Take that paper and open the door of your soul.