"I want"

06 October 2020

I want to. It's not just said on the altar! "I want" is the favorite verb in the universe! Not "I wish" or "I would like" or "it would be nice that". But... I want to! A verb that is often censored as a claim. But it's a super legitimate demand. Because only when you use that verb, does the universe collect. The energy in the word I want means "I have a right to have and I know it". It means "merit." Only when we get to that word with all its energy, will the universe know that we are ready to receive!

When you ask something to life, to God, to the great energy that moves everything (call it whatever you want but the concept is the same), you must use the verb I want. Of course, for ethical purposes, not for a bank robbery or to blow man to another! But for everything else... we must want strongly for ourselves. There's a big misunderstanding about that. It is considered selfish to claim. But why?! This universe foresees abundance and sets no limits. When we want for ourselves we don't take anything away from anyone! There's room for everyone! We just have to learn to ask, to feel that "I want" deep inside. We must feel that it is right, legitimate, that we deserve it! And above all we have to be very precise. Let's get it into our heads that this universe foresees abundance, not scarcity. The limit is only in our mind so it is that limit, that narrow space that we have to break down. Everything we ask will come with complete confidence. And with determination. But if we have doubts, hesitations, if we feel we don't deserve it, it won't come. Nothing will come without that "I want"! I said we must be precise. Give the details of what you want. Do I want a house? No, I don't want a house. I want a 250 square-meters-house in Monte Carlo with a sea view! You think I'm kidding, right? I'm not kidding. The more detailed you are about that "I want", the more your painting will come. It's like sending a registered letter with return receipt to the universe! You don't believe me? Put down a list of ten things. Ten things you want. Very precise, with details about people, objects, desires and dreams. You can't ask for others. Others have their own destiny, their own path to follow. You can ask to be happy next to someone, for example! Everything always revolves around us. When we love each other, we have a right and we want to! Ask and you shall be given! Never has it been truer!