Is the tsunami coming?

06 October 2020

Useless to deny it: black days are there! The days when the facts meet to hurl you against a good wave. A tsunami, let's face it. And while you're there, tossing and turning and maybe shouting, screaming, getting angry and swearing against the "bad life" a part of you...must remain calm! But how do you, you tell me, stay calm during a tsunami?!

One must appeal to a thought that seems trivial but is actually the secret of awareness. Life is never "bad". When it takes you down is because without that lesson you would not see things that the storm, or a moment of sudden stop, force you to see. And you know the secret to not losing your centre of gravity even when you're yelling and spitting poison and getting outraged? Hold the target firmly within yourself. Deep down inside you, that light must stay on at all times! If on the surface everything looks negative, inside you there must be that positive pivot that makes you rotate in a new direction. Like Christopher Columbus on his way to the discovery of the Indies... he had the lens always straight ahead!

The point is, the tsunami makes sense. You'll find out later, what it was. The important thing is not to get dragged into emotional turmoil and keep clear in the back of your mind where you are headed! There are things that are priceless for each of us: the smile of your child, a beautiful day in your life, a dream that is close to your heart, whatever makes you feel good. Hang on to those positive feelings and go through the storm. The tsunami is a great opportunity to critically examine situations: someone you've given undeserved confidence to, some responsibility improperly discharged, something you didn't want to see. In the end, if we are aware that everything that arrives has the task of showing us something important, we will endure a sudden stop, an unexpected accident, in a different way. When we are stopped or in the middle of a storm we are forced to put in extra ordinary resources. In my difficult moments I think of the ocean, which has the power to calm me and give me a sense of infinite beauty. And you want to know something? When everything goes well, I never give it my best. On the contrary, it is in difficult moments that my senses refine, that adrenaline rises, that I give the best of myself! I think it'll just be an obstacle in the way and... I'll get over it. Moments of darkness always lead to a quantum leap.