Luck doesn’t exist!

06 October 2020

What a nice cession of responsibility, delegating to luck or misfortune what happens to us! And instead I'll tell you that luck (or bad luck, it's the same) doesn't exist. You are the director and your film is called life. If inside you're telling me to go to hell, I'll stop you right now and I'll quote Albert Einstein. You know what he said? Everything is energy. Tune in to the frequency you want and you can't help but get that reality. Nothing has ever been more true! Your thoughts are energy and have a powerful power. Anyone who sees me and comes into contact with my reality could call me a very lucky woman. But this beautiful word, luck, is often a screen behind which we hide. I built my reality step by step with thoughts and actions, without ever losing heart, without falling into pessimism, without giving up. We are like transmitters that emit vibrations. And as a Chinese sage said, our destiny is our character. How you think determines how you act, then it becomes habit, then it becomes character. And then it becomes destiny. So, if you want to be "lucky" you have to believe deeply in yourself, in your value, in life and in the wonder that surrounds you even if the world doesn't always seem wonderful to you. Each person is unique, each person is born with a talent and a mission to accomplish that is deeply his or her own. Luck is the positive thinking, the trust that accompanies it. And bad luck is all the negative things that happen to you to get in your way. You don't believe me? Think of something you've always believed in, ever since you were born. Effortlessly, naturally. A deep conviction of yours accompanied by positive emotions and the total absence of doubts (I repeat, the total absence of doubts). Are you there? Well, I'm sure that that thing in your life has come true. Not luckily. It's called energy!