My console has beautiful legs

06 October 2020

A pair of legs, slender, beautiful, sensual, that... hold a marble top. Have you ever seen a console with legs? A hymn to the woman, because La Prima is always a love story! In moments of passion you become aware that there is nothing more beautiful than your legs. What is the most widely used image in cinema to mark a man's ecstatic abduction of a woman? Think of Marylin in "The Seven Year Itch”. To “The Woman in Red”. A thousand other scenes in which she passes with a fluttering skirt and a pair of heels and he dreams of her legs. An emblem of eternal femininity. We made it in brass: a pair of beautiful legs (sometimes even three!) to support a marble top. Two worlds seemingly distant, which discover a strong affinity! To make the console takes 40 days with skilful hands: those who carve the shape of wood; those who create the mould; those who pour brass together with gold powder to obtain an 18kt sparkle; those of the stonemason who makes the top. Three craftsmen who work the material to arrive at a piece that reminds you of the most beautiful creature in the universe, the woman!

Barefoot, capable of reaching anything and running towards unattainable dreams, with her legs.