Producing beauty?

06 October 2020

It must be respect!
We often forget that behind a nice dress, a nice pair of shoes, there are people. There are modelers, craftsmen, people who work with their hands. But how do they work? That's exactly the point. When we go into a store to buy something, do we really wonder where that garment came from? Who worked on it? In what condition?! Because that's the point.

We literally binge on consumer goods without thinking about what it all entails. Remember back in the old days, when people bought a few but "nice" things? Great cashmere shirts, shoes made in Italy, quality coats. Then of course there were the fancy expenses but the base of the purchases was made on the basis of VALUE reasoning.

Value, that is the word we must rediscover! What does value mean? Not only the quality, the beauty inherent in that dress, the creative ability of those who have thought and made it. But also the ethics with which it was produced. The absence of exploitation, the respect of the craftsmen, the payment of figures that consider human dignity! How much money did the designers spend until yesterday on a fashion show? Huge figures, charged on the final price of the products! But what was really the VALUE of those products, minus the marketing?

When we buy a dress in the store, what is it really worth? We lost a few steps on the road to ethics! That's why I took the opposite route. A price that reflects the real VALUE of that object, which is placed in the world of luxury and therefore of unique, exclusive, almost custom-made objects. I came to draw the sunrise of the Seychelles by hand on python skins to realize it on a bag with pictorial reflections. But that bag is really unique.

And its final price reflects the VALUE of all the craftsmen who worked there, the premium leathers used, the imagination and creativity, the companies involved in production, the right salaries paid to those who worked there. I have taken care of the origin of the leather, taken from companies where the hides are preserved in salt without chemical additives, where the relationship with nature and the environment is managed with ethics. Beauty must be based on respect!