The rain speaks to us of colors

06 October 2020

When we open the window and say "what a sunny day"! Sun is always joy, life, expansion. And yet...have you noticed that the colors are infinitely more beautiful when it rains? In my creative passion, I always look for inspiration and I couldn't help but notice the power of rain to bring out the colours. Observe a fuchsia, a red, an electric green in the rain. That atmosphere of low light awakens the intense colors. It is as if the rain were a neutral frame to the beauty of things, while the sun, with its "bullying", obscures them. In that grey and monotonous field of the rainy day, the spark of colour lights up sharply. To get the chromatic inspiration of a collection, I never work on sunny days. The true intensity is felt when the powerful sunlight is turned off by the rain. Not even in the evening offers this wonderful opening to the world of colour, to the DNA of every tone.

The sun remains alive, with the spring days greeting us to the birdsong, with that scent of tender grass and the first flowers blooming...but I, who am in love with colours, like rain more! I'll tell you more, even from an olfactory point of view I prefer rain. That scent that rises from the earth, the aroma of the trees and the freshness of the air, that water cleans and purifies. Breathing fully on a rainy day brings you back to the essence of nature.