We are horsewomen who tame fear!

06 October 2020

Dressage is an art. It comes from an inner relationship with the horse! From a long time spent together. In dressage in the field you bring intelligence, inner strength, ability to face trials being present to yourself! The whole path is learned together, rider and horse. I could say that dressage is a mental discipline, it predisposes you to understand and anticipate reactions, a bit like it happens...in life.

La Prima bags have a saddle shape carved into the right corner. In a natural, almost hinted at way. That round hollow that every rider recognizes. Because we are riders who have to tame fears and awaken character to go on, aren't we? Every day we evaluate, we take challenges, we take "exams"... And not by chance, next to the shape of the saddle there is the crown! Because these bags are for "my" intelligent women, ready to face the world with their strength, their intuition, their ability. Wearing one is like having a talisman with you! In fact, in the field of dressage, go the most prepared horses together ... to the most prepared riders! We go into the field with unique objects that speak of passion and beauty. In the picture, a butter-colored clutch with pictorial gold spatula, alive. The writing La Prima in italics, like a trail of femininity that passes.