What do you think about when you look at the sky?

06 October 2020

A creative draws his ideas from everything: from the flow of thoughts, from nature, from the clouds that take strange shapes in the sky. I get gusts of creativity at any moment, as I drive and look at the curve of the mountains, as I see a woman laughing, as the fog creates its walls of dense vapour in the air, as the colours of the fruit thicken the markets and create a composition between the stalls. Travelling is my vital element: with the body, with the mind, with the imagination.

Nature is an element of infinite inspiration. The sea, when storms and the work of water create compositions of stones and debris. The trees, with weirdly shaped trunks, that make you wonder how that mass can stand? I remember my favorite hotel in Sardinia. The spa had a bamboo roof that let the sun's rays filter through the reeds, making the atmosphere magical. All asymmetrical, different from each other. The sun radiated light into the open spaces, creating a play of chiaroscuro in the room. Every time I came back to the hotel I experienced with emotion the feeling of abandonment, of beauty that the sun's rays through the bamboo roof would give me.

I like bamboo, the cane forests grow very fast, the stem bends but does not break, it is a metaphor of life that makes its way at any cost. That's why I "stole" that sun-drenched ceiling and transferred it to my bags. The irregular shape of the reeds is modulated by the ebony, or kiwi coloured, gold profiled leather. Or it is traced by golden sequins, by an iridescent stroboscopic effect.