What does that mean, being sensual?

23 June 2021

You want a real answer to the question? Then we need to get out of the clichés, the stereotypes about women that are scattered across the planet like Tinker Bell dust.

What does it mean to be sensual? It means being free to manifest your essence. The body is not a taboo, sensuality must not be. Sensual is synonymous with female.

A natural, free, light instinct. I like to be provocative, don't you? Don't tell me no because I don't believe you! To be provocative, to show one's body is a joyful element, which is part of life. Sensuality is joy and brings joy to those who breathe it! Sex is also beautiful, it's a simple act of love. It can create very strong emotions as well as lead to generating a life.

Let's live it with awareness and a little bit of magic. We simply have to be female. For me sensuality is a way of loving each other. And it's also nice to be looked at, why deny it? When I hear a woman laughing I turn around and look at her because that moment is magic! The eyes full of positive emotions, the sound of laughter, the mimicry of the face ... I would like every woman to become a beam of light for herself and for any person who walks by her.

The crown I chose for La Prima is a symbol, not an accessory. You are queen. A woman with full power over herself. Free to express what she feels.