Who is Wita Ocean?

12 October 2020

Wita Ocean was born in Russia in spring.
She graduated first in Finance and Management at the University of Moscow, then in Psychiatry.
An eclectic personality and the vocation to get to the soul of everything, combine with the strong aesthetic sense acquired by her father. In a natural way, without any forcing and above all
without following any pattern, Vita Ocean orients herself to the world of fashion and design, bringing a unique and immediately recognizable seed of beauty to objects and
Every categorisation - from interior designer to designer - is limiting!
Because her ability is to transform the material based on the soul of her clients.
Wita Ocean “feels”, elaborates and brings her feeling back to the real world, materializing a world in which the recipient immediately recognizes himself, with amazement. In her case, interior design, or fashion, becomes “dress the soul”.
Little by little, invitations from all over Russia flock to hold speeches focused on mindset and creativity.
Wita Ocean becomes a reference point to manage the mental approach to the challenges: she holds meetings on awareness, on the ability to change perspective. Because creations are not the same as anything else. They are unique.
But her focus, being born in a country with a strongly masculine culture, is the concept of female. A great entrepreneur, a strong woman, can remain deeply female.
And it is a concept that Wita Ocean embodies with her person. The furniture, objects, bags, furs, jewels she designs were born in the first place for herself: then it happens naturally that people want to have them, because they don’t find similar ones.
Like the marble tables and consoles with their slender and elegant legs, shaped in brass, capable of “bringing every man to perceive the scent, the smile of a woman in the air”.
She arrives in Italy to follow her dream.
That of bringing beauty to the soul of every person. “Beauty” is a relative concept. “Beneath the surface there is always a path that has led me to that form.”