You are never alone!

06 October 2020

We always have a friend by our side, a companion to reassure us. He's inside us even if we look for him outside! In fact we are never alone... When we are deep inside ourselves we already have everything we need! I know, what a face you're making.

Yes, we all "need" someone you will say...The problem is that if you don't know how to feel good, deeply good, inside yourself, with that sense of fullness that you should have, you won't be able to feel so good even with others! Apparently everything will seem to go well, then the knots will come to the comb. Have you ever wondered why people struggle so much to be alone? I tell you: because when you're alone with yourself you can't run away... you can't lie! You can't lie. Being in front of yourself is hard! But it's a necessary step if we want to accomplish our mission. We're not here by chance, what do you think? Everyone has a task to accomplish, and to do it well he has to deal with himself first. To measure oneself with "bad temper", with flaws, with the edges of one’s personality and do like the alchemist who turns lead into gold. You know what's important in the end? That you like each other! That you arrive at that model of beauty, of intelligence, of life that YOU like, not others. But that's impossible without first analysing and accepting yourself. And there's no need to look for someone from the outside to reassure us because it won't last forever and...sooner or later we'll be facing ourselves again! So, don't worry. Let's stop and take a good look. Let's reach what we really want to be. And then... we can be divinely with whoever we want to be. The great thing is that God has no limits. There are no limits. We can get to anything, but we have to want it really and consciously.