Your soul knows where it is taking you!

06 October 2022

When you go to church, no one guarantees that you will meet God. You simply go believing and you are firmly convinced of what you are doing. Here, I wanted to focus on a fundamental point. The importance of putting your soul into things. What does this mean? Don't think about the result when you start something. It means throwing yourself into that something by following your inner voice and believing it without limits. Without starting to rationalize or make calculations: if I now put 20, in two months will it make me 100?

This approach does not mean putting soul. And the most beautiful things, the most successful adventures, start from the opposite approach. Because your soul knows where it is taking you. And the voice that comes from there is never wrong! All the entrepreneurs I know, who are involved in the most diverse and highly successful industries, have one thing in common: they all started out believing deeply in what they were doing. And polemical voices, unsolicited advice, sounded like background noise.

Do you know when you hear the sound of the hairdryer in the distance? That buzzing noise? Well, those voices must have the same importance! You only have to listen to yourself and your soul! When someone objects to me about the colour of the bag and tells me, for example, about a green texture "why didn't you make it yellow", citing experience in the field and various reasons... I don't listen! When you are result oriented and that's all, they start to flake tips from all sides.

When you act for money and that's it, the initiative will not work as powerfully as it does when a person goes straight following only their inner voice and doesn't look outward. That thing becomes part of you, like a child. And when someone tells you that "it's no good" the instinct is to defend your creature almost savagely, no matter what. Because it is part of you. It's not a goal to be achieved for money or for points, it's something you do by following yourself. And it cannot fail. Never give people the chance to take apart what you are building! Always believe it all the way, if it comes from within you it means it is your way. Not someone else's!