Love yourself!

06 October 2020

How many times have we heard that? Love yourself! And how many times have we wondered, "What does that mean, REALLY"? Because this exhortation is often trivialized. Loving yourself has nothing to do with selfishness! Where there's ego there's no love, they can't live under the same roof even when separated at home! So what does "love" mean? It means accept what you are in all your essence, understand what you came here to do, what your points of uniqueness and respect are. Don't try to be what others want you to be, be you!

We can't all like each other and we don't even have to care! Instead we have to take care of our lives, to fulfill our dreams always respecting ourselves and consequently others (because the two things are very close). Each of us is a unique subject, each of us has talents that we must discover and develop because they represent our mission here. Anna Wintour, in a recent Masterclass on Instagram, said "follow your talent, your instinct, your vocation and don't look either to your right or your left, don't look at others or you will lose focus. And never make excuses!" To love oneself means to look at who we really are, it cannot be without going deeply inside oneself. It means accepting what you are, outside and inside, while always trying to improve. And it means respecting yourself. To ask for the best is not selfishness!

It is legitimate because no God has ever said that we must suffer and be in scarcity, indeed. This universe is of joy, openness, abundance. And when you love yourself you see the world around you change, magic happens, because you vibrate at a frequency that attracts beautiful things and substantiates your dreams. And now I will tell you something that you may be a little skeptical about but... try to believe! If there are parts of your body that you just don't like, try, try to love them as they are. And you will see with surprise that after a short time that part of your body will seem almost beautiful. Magic is real… magic is us.