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Wita Ocean

"I don't mind living in a man's world as as I can be a woman in it"

Marilyn Monroe

Wita Ocean

Is the tsunami coming?

I’ll stand…Useless to deny it: black days are there! The days when the facts meet to hurl you against a good wave.

The rain speaks to us of colors

When we open the window and say "what a sunny day"! Sun is always joy, life, expansion.

Judging is like teaching a sloth speed

If you were born a gazelle, the sloth will probably be a stupid, useless animal to you.

Give us the female back!

There is a beautiful Russian proverb that literally says "the man is the head, the woman is the neck. Where he turns, his head turns."


They don't exist!
They don't exist. But how, you say?
Of course there are! They just told me this and did this and... No!

We are horsewomen who tame fear!

Dressage is an art. It comes from an inner relationship with the horse!

Who is Wita Ocean

Wita Ocean was born in Russia in spring.
She graduated first in Finance and Management at the University of Moscow, then in Psychiatry.

Producing beauty?

It must be respect!
We often forget that behind a nice dress, a nice pair of shoes, there are people.

"I want"

I want to.
Is the favourite verb in the universe
I want to.
It's not just said on the altar!
"I want" is the favorite verb in the universe!
Not "I wish" or "I would like" or "it would be nice that".
But... I want to!

You are never alone!

Did you know that?

Every woman is a bit of a witch

Who's the "witch"?
She who has power over the physical world and who uses arts defined as obscure but actually linked to sixth sense and intuition to read the world.
She who "hears and sees" first.

Your soul knows where it is taking you!

When you go to church, no one guarantees that you will meet God. You simply go believing and you are firmly convinced...

7.15 a.m. the splendour of dawn

My hands open the closet, put themselves on the bag, take it...

My console has beautiful legs

A pair of legs, slender, beautiful, sensual, that...

Love yourself!

(but what does that mean, exactly?)

How to find out what you really want! And make it happen...

Have you ever got in deep of what you really want?

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